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The Escape
In a series of shots, the new, disgusting creation of the alien queen gets sucked out of the Betty via a small hole in a window. As it gets squeezed through the hole, it reaches space as bloody gobs of goo, realized as practical and CG effects. The gooey, boney practical elements and CG models in the scene are accurately disgusting, reflecting the horrific nature of the scene. But as the gobs of goo fly away from the camera and off into the distance, they strangely disappear only a few feet after passing the camera.

"At no point in the film do the visual effects revert to cliche; their compositions, motion and texture are quite original."

Without much lead time or establishing shots, the Auriga nails Earth in a single shot, depicting the explosion and subsequent shockwave caused by the impact. This shot has very few peers, in that this kind of huge-scale impact rarely is depicted on film. The initial explosion is filled with detail, but the following shockwave is a bit of a letdown. It is quite apparent that there must have been some creative changes made to the ending, since there is only one shot of the Auriga approaching Earth and none of it entering the atmosphere.

On the other hand, the shots of the Betty entering the atmosphere are quite stimulating. Shimmering orange fire and sparks surround the ship in both exterior shots looking at the Betty's hull, and interior shots looking through the cockpit windows. The flashes of light and sparks in both the exterior and interior shots are a joy to watch.

The fourth ALIEN film continues the fine quality of visual effects that has become a staple of the series. Each film has a different visual style, in its cinematography, production design, and in its visual effects. ALIEN RESURRECTION contains some of the most dynamic shots of the series, including some brilliant invisible effects and wildly original miniature, CG and compositing breakthroughs. At no point in the film do the visual effects revert to cliche; their compositions, motion and texture are quite original.

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