The Aliens

The alien dubbed "Mikey" was realized as both an on-set suit creation, as well as an ILM computer generated creation. This shot represents one of ILM's CG creations. Note the immense amount of detail created for Mikey's mouth.

In these shots of the Edgar-bug, notice the wonderful amount of detail ILM created for the CG models. Originally, the Edgar-bug was to be executed with both animatronic and CG creatures, but after numerous redesigns and script changes, the alien was produced solely as an ILM CG character animation.

A dead human's head opens up during an autopsy, revealing a tiny Baltian alien. This particular shot is a full scale model--the tiny alien was created by Baker's Cinovation Studio (along with the human head mechanism), while ILM produced the small alien control room.

For closeups of the alien, a significantly scaled up version of the interior and alien was created, once again with Cinovation handling the alien puppet and ILM designing the surrounding control room. The width of this set measured over eight feet, and was much more articulate than the scale version.

A group of "worm guys" assist Tommy Lee Jones in making coffee. These aliens were created as live-action, full scale rod puppet effects by Cinovation Studios. Each alien was performed by two puppeteers. A CG version of this particular alien species appears later in the film, animated by ILM.

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