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The top image is a frame from one of the film's extraordinarily long shots featuring the computer generated mouse. Nathan Lane talks to the mouse, while moving his shoulder all over the place; the mouse is perfectly tracked in each frame and truly appears to be on his shoulder. In the second frame, the CG mouse crawls over Christopher Walken, and in the third frame, the mouse gets into trouble by jumping into the cleavage of an unsuspecting woman. All shots produced by Rhythm & Hues Studios.

Two frames of non-mouse CG elements provided by Rhythm & Hues. The box that houses Catzilla bounces furiously before the cat bursts out from within--the CG box is remarkably photorealistic. And at bottom, a CG cherry spins and stops beside a mousetrap.

MOUSEHUNT Review - Stills page 1 - Stills page 2

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