what dreams may come

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POP Film and POP Animation handled numerous key sequences for WHAT DREAMS MAY COME, including the stunning Library sequence. The CG set extension was meticulously matchmoved to the non-motion control, sweeping camera move. Greenscreen extraction, wire removals, and lots of rotoscoping make this a densely complicated shot.

POP also handled 'Leona's World', fantastic sequence which contains plenty of 2D matte paintings, wire removals, and computer generated extras. Below are before and after frames from POP's Hell sequence, where actors were photographed in front of a greenscreen, and POP combined matte paintings and miniatures to create the surrounding environment. To learn more about POP's involvement with the film, read the VFXPro interview with Stuart Robertson, POP's supervisor, or go to POP's web site.

One of Digital Domain's shots in the film; as Williams first realizes he's dead, he encounters his guide, played by Cuba Gooding Jr. In these early shots, Gooding has an ethereal glow, and is constantly blurred, giving him a ghost-like quality. To learn more about DD's role in the film, read the VFXPro interview with Kevin Mack, DD's supervisor.

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