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SOLDIER images ©1998 Warner Bros.

Banned From The Ranch Entertainment provided 19 effects shots to SOLDIER. For this shot of the spaceship's engines revving up, BFTR was given a single frame of a matte painting-enhanced miniature. BFTR color corrected the plate, created a CG tunnel, zooming fire element, appropriate camera shake, and heat distortion ripples to complete the shot. To see a Quicktime of this shot and the elements that made up the shot, click here.

SOLDIER images ©1998 Warner Bros.

BFTR also handled three key cockpit shots of the soldiers' departure from the garbage planet's surface. For this shot, BFTR pulled the greenscreens, inserted a background complete with computer generated dust, practically shot miniature dust, and a matte painting background (actually a color-corrected matte painting from Matte World Digital). The three cockpit monitors are BFTR-designed and composited graphics. In addition, each of the three shots contained wild, non-motion control camera moves, which were meticulously tracked.

BFTR designed and composited all of SOLDIER's burn-in computer screens, including this one, where the camera begins fullscreen on the monitor, and pulls back to feature Kurt Russell pointing to a greenscreen-covered monitor, which was later matted out and an appropriate graphic was created and tracked into the shot. To learn more about BFTR's work on the film, go to

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