Spotlight : December 1996

New Newsletter Coming Soon
By Todd Vaziri

A brand new monthly magazine is coming to your computer soon. The as-of-yet untitled magazine will be available online and FREE to all subscribers. It will focus on the computer graphics professional with classifieds and ads, and will also include a column written by Yours Truly.

If you have any questions about the new magazine, or you would like to subscribe, please write the author, David Warner at or me at

Here's the whole scoop on the magazine, written by the author, David Warner. Please note: this is not a newsletter dedicated solely to visual effects.

MARCH UPDATE: Unfortunately, the newsletter has been postponed for an indefinite amount of time. For complete info, write the author, David Warner, at Check here for the most up-to-date news on the newsletter.

A new online magazine dedicated to advertising for entertainment companies, computer graphics companies & professionals, broadcasting companies, multimedia developers, etc is being published. Each issue will contain an article on special visual effects. The main focus of the magazine is for the advertisement of companies and professionals that work with computers and computer graphics, but we will be happy to accept ads from any entertainment company. We do encourage though for any and all entertainment related companies to place an ad under our employment opportunities categories. It is important to know that all subscriptions and ad placements are FREE.

The ads will be divided into two sections, with each section containing specific categories. The first section is reserved for normal business ads which may include graphics, text, etc. The magazine is based on an 8 1/2" x 11" page layout. We are accepting ads for 1/4, 1/2, and full page. The dimensions are as follows: 1/4= 3.625" x 4.875", 1/2= 7.5" x 4.875", and full page= 7.5" x 10". We ask that you send your ad in JPEG format via e-mail. If you feel that your ad is reasonably too large to send via e-mail, please contact us and we will make arrangements for you to send it via the U.S. Postal Service. When sending your ad via e-mail, please make the subject of your letter "Business Ad." The second advertising section advertising section is reserved for classified ads, which will be text only. When sending your classified ad, please make the subject of your letter "Classified Ad."

Each section will have separate categories in which each ad will be placed accordingly. The categories for both sections are: Employment Opportunities, Professional & Technical Services, Position Wanted, For Sale, Wanted, and Education & Career Training.

If you would like to place an ad, please e-mail your ad as an attachment or contact us to make arrangements for sending it via U.S. Postal Service. When you do send your ad, whether by email or U.S. Postal Service, we do ask that you give us a contact name, phone number and address to be placed in our customer database.

At the present time all ad placements and subscriptions are completely FREE. The magazine is going to be published monthly and will be sent directly to all subscribers e-mail addresses. The magazine will be sent out in PDF file format, which is readable by using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a FREE program and available at

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity for FREE international advertising and encourage everyone interested in receiving valuable information on Employment opportunities, professional services, & more, to subscribe to this monthly magazine.

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