Spotlight : April 1997

DFL: The Digital Football League
updated 4-28-97

Here's the place to check up on the standings of the DFL: the Digital Football League.

The DFL is a flag football league created by Ruth Vasquez at Cinesite. She invited all the major effects houses to join, and found seven who could participate. All teams are company employees only, and games were held each Sunday.

Here are the final standings:

        Final Standings

            TEAM                                W - L 
        1.  Warner Digital                      4 - 1 
            Cinesite Decimators                 4 - 1  
        3.  Rhythm & Hues                       3 - 2 
        4.  Hunter-Gratzner                     2 - 2 
        5.  The Artists Formally Known as VIFX  1 - 4 
The top two teams, Warner Digital and Cinesite, will battle it out in FX BOWL I, which will take place sometime in June.

Ruth plans on organizing a Digital Softball League, so if you're interested in signing your company up, or you're looking for more information, drop her an e-mail at

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