Spotlight : October 1997

Editor's Note
By Todd Vaziri

By now, followers of the visual effects industry know that Digital Domain recently layed off 54 staff employees, and Sony Pictures Imageworks trimmed their staff by 20 people. Many have wondered why the news wasn't

"I will report [layoffs] on the VFX HQ."

reported on the VFX HQ. The VFX HQ's goal is to highlight the creative achievements of visual effects artists. Not only do I find it inappropriate to write about such business decisions, but I do not report on these events out of respect for both the houses and the employees involved.

From this point on, I will report these announcements on the VFX HQ, but will not speculate on their reasons or repercussions, unless it is part of a larger article or investigative report. This way, neither the company nor the layed off employees feel exploited by reactionary reporting, which happens quite often with today's news media outlets covering film and technology industries.

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