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Nominated for seven 1997 VFX HQ Awards: Best Visual Effects, Best Sequence (Titanic Sinking), Best Shot (Time Transition), Best Invisible Effects (CG Ship Extensions and Pullout to Panic), Best Models/Miniatures and Best Compositing, Winner of five awards.

Winner of the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects

The long-awaited next feature film from James Cameron has finally arrived; TITANIC, a historical epic set in two time periods.

The bulk of the visual effects were provided by Cameron's company, Digital Domain, which used both CG and miniature models to portray the fated craft--miniatures were used for underwater and bow-to-stern shots of the ship, while a CG version was utilized for ship extensions. DD also created of hundreds of computer generated passengers, numerous digital matte paintings, particle effects simulating smoke, and even digital water and wake elements. Supervising the effects was Robert Legato, supervisor of the Oscar-nominated 1995 film, APOLLO 13.

While the "money" shots were handled by Digital Domain, late additions to the visual effects plate were handed to such firms as VIFX, who composited icy, visible breath to characters who speak to each other outside the doomed ship, in the freezing temperatures. VIFX also handled a complicated engine room sequence, featuring a miniature TITANIC engine room (actually a real engine room of a real ship) and dozens of composited workers realistically interacting with the set. POP Film handled some difficult shots involving digital face replacements and matte paintings, Banned From the Ranch took care of some underwater shots, CIS Hollywood turned in tons of sky replacements and bluescreen composites, even Industrial Light & Magic had been issued a handful of the effects burden.

The FX Credits page takes a look at the companies and individuals behind the film's effects. The FX Review is an exhaustive look at the visual effects of TITANIC. And there are four sections of stills from the film, The Launch, At Sea, The Tragedy, and More Stills.

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