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In August of 1997, Twentieth Century Fox announced that its effects company, VIFX, has acquired Blue Sky Studios to create the newly formed Blue Sky|VIFX, a new powerhouse effects company. For a full report on the merger, read the Spotlight article.

The enormous talents of Blue Sky's CG animation team, combined with the full threat of VIFX's miniature, compositing, 2D and 3D animation talents, creates a powerful new force in the industry.

For a list of credits of VIFX before the merger, go to the old VIFX page. For a list of credits of Blue Sky before the merger, go to the old Blue Sky page.

The following list of movies have included visual effects produced by the newly dubbed Blue Sky|VIFX.


     1998 . THE X-FILES
          . BLADE
          . FIRESTORM
          . ARMAGEDDON
     1997 . TITANIC
          . HOME ALONE 3
          . MOUSEHUNT

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