Spotlight : September 1998

Help Wanted!
By Todd Vaziri

So, you think you can write visual effects reviews?

I'm looking for help in writing the effects reviews of 1998's remaining films. In particular, I'm looking for writers with a firm grasp of current visual effects techniques, and who can competently and clearly communicate their opinions about a film's effects.

Would you like your writing posted on VFX HQ?

Are you interested? Send me a sample review... go out and rent TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY (1991) on LaserDisc, DVD, VHS, whatever. Watch it once, and then write a visual effects review of the film. Write the review as you would in 1991 (in other words, don't compare it to JURASSIC PARK or STARSHIP TROOPERS). Make it anywhere between 600-1200 words. I highly recommend reading Cinefex 47, reading "The Making of T2" by Jody Duncan, or getting your hands on T2:SE on laserdisc. Learn the background of the effects so you can competently talk about some of the techniques involved -- what was miniature, what was a composite, what was a makeup effect.

Also, take a look at my reviews, like for ARMAGEDDON, TITANIC or THE X-FILES. If I ever criticize an effects shot, I usually have a detailed explanation, and even offer possible alternative techniques.

Currently, I am looking for someone to write a complete visual effects review for BLADE. Check out the movie, and send me a review. The best-written review I get will be posted. Although I will be doing much of the reviewing throughout the remainder of the year, I will call on various writers to help out. Would you like to be one?

In addition, I am looking for Spotlight articles. Do you have a topic on your mind, concerning visual effects, that you'd like to write about? Send it to me. The current state of effects films, a particularly innovative technique, a history lesson of visual effects... whatever. Email me and we'll talk about it.

Needless to say, no one is exempt from writing articles or reviews, with one exception. If you worked on a particular film as an effects artist, producer or supervisor, you cannot write the review for that film.

Todd Vaziri
Producer, VFX HQ

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