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At Industrial Light + Magic, I was a lead compositor on VAN HELSING, for visual effects supervisor Ben Snow (Academy Award nominee for Star Wars: Episode II). My compositing supervisor was Marshall Krasser.

Here are just a few shots I completed for the film.

Digital Compositing by Todd Vaziri. Visual effects by Industrial Light + Magic. Images (c) 2004 Universal.

VAN HELSING (c) 2004 Universal Pictures.

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Todd Vaziri

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    Interview with MacAddict Magazine
    I was interviewed for the June 2004 issue of MacAddict magazine to talk about my use of Macintosh computers on "Van Helsing." Kris Fong and I discussed the use of After Effects in ILM's work on the film. In the companion video interview, we go fairly in-depth about the use of 3D compositing for a specific shot.

    The video interview can be seen here:

    Van Helsing Interview

    Encyclopedia of Visual Effects
    Some of the tricks used to complete this shot (opn072) were also discussed in the fantastic book, Encyclopedia of Visual Effects by Damian Allen and Brian Connor. In one chapter, we discuss the 3D compositing challenges of opn072. The book is an extraordinary resource for young visual effects artists, and features 'cameos' by such ILM'ers as Pablo Helman, Tim Alexander, Marshall Krasser, Todd Vaziri, and more.

    Encyclopedia of Visual Effects